The Ultimate Summer Body Plan

You may feel that getting a better body in time for Summer is beyond your grasp. After all, it’s already mid-April and Summer is only a few weeks away! But if you maximize the Shapeology plan, you may be able to realize your wildest expectations and be ready for the hot-weather season when it arrives.

How to get a Summer Body Fast!

There is a three-step process to our philosophy:

  • First: Let’s find out which weight loss procedure is right for you
  • Second: The Shapeology team helps you revamp your diet and nutrition
  • Third: We assist in creating an exercise routine that will become a part of your daily life

At Shapeology, we offer non-surgical alternatives to weight loss procedures, which means no incisions, no surgery and very little down time. Having no recovery time enables us to jump start the weight loss process, putting you weeks ahead in achieving your desired result. Everyone’s weight loss journey is different, so we begin with educating you about the options that we offer.

All of the above are non-surgical balloon procedures. In addition to these, we also offer AspireAssist, a non-surgical and reversible external pump that helps you eliminate 30% of calorie intake. We also offer the Overstitch procedure, which is a stomach pouch size reduction to re-initiate weight loss after bariatric surgery.

The Shapeology Weight Loss Program

Once the right procedure is selected and performed, our coaches step in to design a diet and nutrition plan which will put you on the fastest and safest path to reaching your weight loss objectives. For the first few weeks, you will follow our recommendations to ensure a healthy and comfortable adjustment to your new food and portion tolerances. Then, our coaches will devise a healthy diet program for moving forward to support your continued weight loss while still satisfying your appetite. No one wants to feel deprived during their weight loss journey!

As you are changing your diet and nutrition, you will also begin to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle. You might choose to begin with a 20 to 30-minute at home plan, until you become comfortable with the process. There are many workout options which you can utilize in the comfort of your living room, and if you choose this route we will help you put together a plan that works best for your level of fitness. Your progression in the exercise routines will depend solely on your commitment and abilities. Whether you begin this phase at home or with a daily walk, swim, visits to the gym or a Zumba class, it is completely up to you.

Why Choose Shapeology Non-Surgical Weight Loss Center?

You don’t need to dread another Summer trying to hide extra weight that, until now, you have only dreamed of shedding. You CAN do this! Our patients find that our portal, a comprehensive tool that has everything you need to track your success, helps to define and accomplish milestones along the way. Being able to track weight loss with our expert staff, activity, goals and food consumption offers a tangible record of your progress. You will find interesting articles, reminders and recipes that will keep your diet and exercise plan on track and within guidelines. Finally, and perhaps the most important, the Shapeology staff serve as a reminder that you are not alone in your journey.

Contact Shapeology today for a consultation and find out how close you are to realizing your Summer Body Goal!