There was a time when significant weight loss seemed next to impossible because, sometimes, sheer willpower just isn’t enough. Today, modern advances are readily available to facilitate anyone who is determined to reduce their weight. At Shapeology, we combine state of the art procedures with real life support, empowering our patients to lose weight and to improve their lifestyles so that they can enjoy the benefits of life after weight loss.

Non-Surgical Weight Loss Options

Our procedures Orbera, and Obalon are the answers to successful weight loss without incisions, scars, or permanent changes to the anatomy. These medical grade balloons, are non-surgically inserted into the stomach, will keep you from feeling the pangs of hunger and help you resist temptations while you are on the pathway to changing your life.

Shapeology patients typically go home the same day as their procedures, and so their weight loss journey begins quickly and without hospitalization. Education about necessary lifestyle changes, which include nutrition and fitness, is geared to fit the demands of their schedules so their new routines become a natural part of their lives.

Our patients report that as they begin to look and feel better, their self-esteem soars, along with their self-confidence. They can now wear the clothes that they have always wanted to wear and participate in activities they once thought were beyond their capabilities. Weight-related health conditions also improve. When our patients see measurable benefits in medical conditions such as high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, and diabetes, it is a motivating factor to remain proactive in their new, healthier lifestyles. They feel educated about eating the proper way to stay at their desired weight and to reap the rewards of a nutrient rich diet.

The Shapeology staff possesses vast experience in diet, fitness and weight management, which is a vital key to chronic disease prevention. Knowing the importance of arming our patients with resources to aid in the weight loss journey, we schedule personalized attention and coaching for life-changing results.

Our portal will connect you with the Shapeology community and everything else that you need to track your success. From weight and food logging tools to articles and recipes, you will have everything you need at your fingertips to attain and retain your weight loss goals. You will never feel that you are alone in your quest for a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Kazi and his talented team will bring you inspiration and encouragement every step of the way! Contact Shapeology today for a consultation to find out if our programs are right for you.