30 Minute Workout: No Equipment

How you choose to work out is completely up to you. The most important thing about exercise is that...to quote Nike’s famous tagline, you "JUST DO IT". If you aren’t a member of a local gym or exercise class and don’t own any “at-home” exercise equipment, no worries! There are endless options for exercising at [...]

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New Weight Loss Procedure Impacts Hunger

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, April 6, 2017 -- Arizona’s first weight loss procedure involving swallowable gas filled balloons designed to facilitate significant weight loss was successfully completed today by Jaffrey Kazi, MD. Obalon® Balloon System | Weight Loss Procedure The procedure utilized the Obalon® Balloon System which takes up space in the stomach providing patients with both [...]

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Life After Weight Loss

There was a time when significant weight loss seemed next to impossible because, sometimes, sheer willpower just isn’t enough. Today, modern advances are readily available to facilitate anyone who is determined to reduce their weight. At Shapeology, we combine state of the art procedures with real life support, empowering our patients to lose weight and [...]

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Everyday Activities That Burn Calories

If heading to the gym isn’t exactly on your list of favorite things to do, there are lots of everyday activities that burn calories and can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. You’ll be surprised at how many pounds you will burn away by altering your habits and including healthy options to your routine. Calorie [...]

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