The Shapeology Program is a comprehensive, medical weight loss program that provides patients with the knowledge and habits necessary to achieve healthy and permanent weight loss. Run by a board-certified physician, the program requires no contracts and is personalized for success.

What is Shapeology?

Shapeology is for people who want to achieve significant weight loss and are ready to adopt a new, healthy lifestyle to keep the weight off for good. At Shapeology, we understand that every person’s weight loss journey is a little bit different. Losing weight is challenging, and the best results come from solutions that are designed to meet your needs. Options include:

Medical Weight Loss (Insurance and Self Pay). Many people looking for a smart, healthy way to achieve long-term, permanent weight loss, like to start with a medically supervised program. We offer a variety of tools to create a healthy foundation and provide support along the way including FDA-approved weight loss medications for select patients.

Nutrition. The revolutionary Virtual Health Partners platform provides exclusive access to a team of nutritionists, fitness, and lifestyle modification health experts along with live online and taped fitness classes 24/7.

Are Weight Loss Medications for Everyone?

FDA-approved weight loss medications are an option for select patients who are candidates for medical drug therapy. Among the prescription medications and supplements Dr. Kazi uses as part of a personalized treatment plan are:

  • Phentermine (Brands: Lomaira and Qsymia)
  • Ginko Balboa
  • Liraglutide (Brand: Saxenda)
  • Orlistat (Brands: Xenical and Alli)
  • Topiramate (Brand: Topamax)
  • Diethylpropion

What Treatment Services are Available?

AspireAssist®. A revolutionary approach to weight loss allowing you to remove 30% of the food you eat directly from your stomach through a small tube, AspireAssist® is a reversible non-surgical approach to weight loss. This comprehensive program is clinically supported to help patients lose three times more weight than only diet and exercise.

CoolSculpting. If you’ve been unsuccessful in eliminating areas of stubborn fat despite diet and exercise, CoolSculpting may be the answer. The only FDA-cleared, non-surgical fat reduction treatment eliminates stubborn fat in the following areas: abdomen, back fat, bra fat, double chin, flanks/sides (love handles/muffin top), thighs (inner and outer), underneath the buttocks, and upper arms. This safe, effective, and controlled procedure precisely targets fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue.

How Much Does the Shapeology Program Cost?

The cost of your treatment will depend on the personalized treatment plan that Dr. Kazi develops for you. However, we are proud to offer some of the lowest treatment costs in the Greater Phoenix area and require no contracts. A wide range of financing options helps make our services even more affordable.

Why Choose Shapeology for Weight Loss Services?

Dr. Kazi of Shapeology is a board-certified gastroenterologist, meaning he has the expertise necessary to address a range of gastrointestinal issues and concerns. Problems with the gastrointestinal tract can lead to discomfort, weight problems, and a poorly functioning digestive system. By correcting these concerns and providing other wellness services, we are able to help patients achieve significant improvements in their overall wellness.

If you would like to learn more about the Shapeology Program, contact us today to get started.