Have you been asking yourself, “am I a candidate for weight loss procedures?” The important decision to inquire about weight loss procedures can only be made by you, and ideally, should be discussed with a weight loss center like Shapeology. Reviewing all of your options is the best place to start. An understanding of diet, exercise, and any weight related health problems that you may suffer from are important when undertaking a weight loss non-surgical procedure. To become a candidate for weight loss procedures you must qualify under various levels that reveal unsuccessful attempts at weight loss, a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or higher, or serious health-related problems.

Find out if you are a Candidate for Weight Loss Procedures

Shapeology specializes in focusing on what targeted areas of your life need to be impacted before, during and after a weight loss procedure. A candidate for weight loss procedures is not only someone that has been qualified through BMI requirements but is also educated and informed of all options available and agrees to a new lifestyle.

Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedures Requirements

Specific organizations have been set in place to coordinate the efforts of centers like Shapeology and the patient experience. Understanding the qualifications of a bariatric patient are just as important to the person as they are to the team of doctors performing the procedure. A simple way of testing your qualifications for weight loss procedures is to understand your BMI.

How does the BMI Calculator work?

Your body mass index is calculated by dividing your weight in kilograms by the square of your height in meters. The simple equation is used to indicate how obese or underweight a person is. A normal (healthy weight) for a person is a BMI of 18.5 – 25. With severely underweight coming in at 15 and severely overweight coming in at 40, the chart ranges in many variables.

Serious health-related issues are also qualifying reasons for weight loss non-surgical procedures that should increase your awareness to the importance of a weight loss success. High blood pressure and the risk of heart disease significantly increase in those that are obese. Becoming a candidate for weight loss procedures should be a no brainer when you are facing issues that affect your sleep and lifestyle. Diabetes is a rising trend in the morbidly obese that highly changes your ability to lead a healthy life. A candidate for a non-surgical weight loss may suffer from type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure of severe sleep apnea. These are all conditions that highly impact a person’s quality of life and can qualify them for a procedure that will change their lifestyle.

Why Choose Shapeology for Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedures?

Shapeology strives to provide the ingredients necessary in your life to prevent and protect the life-threatening conditions that coincide with obesity. It is estimated that over half the population in the United States are overweight, and one-third of them morbidly obese. Our experienced team focuses on giving you the information to decide if you are ready to undergo a weight loss non-surgical procedure. Let us change your life, today!