SCOTTSDALE, AZ, April 6, 2017 — Arizona’s first weight loss procedure involving swallowable gas filled balloons designed to facilitate significant weight loss was successfully completed today by Jaffrey Kazi, MD.

Obalon® Balloon System | Weight Loss Procedure

The procedure utilized the Obalon® Balloon System which takes up space in the stomach providing patients with both less space for food and an increased sense of feeling satisfied longer.

“The Obalon system is an excellent option for those who don’t want to make permanent alterations to their bodies – such as bariatric surgery – when diet and exercise alone have failed,” said Dr. Kazi, a Scottsdale-based gastroenterologist. “The six-month balloon placement, along with a professionally supervised nutrition and exercise program, is proving to be a safe and comfortable way to jump start weight loss.”

Studies on the fully-reversible, non-surgical procedure show that the initial 30-40 pounds or more lost during the six months is maintained by almost 90 percent of individuals six months after removal. By that time, individuals have learned the skills they need to continue weight loss and can begin to see their new body emerging.

While the procedure is not currently reimbursed by health plans, financial assistance can be obtained very quickly after a decision is made to participate in the program.

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