Over 2.1 billion people across globe are falling under the obese category; which is like nearly 30% of total world’s population. And nearly 3.4 million adults lose their lives due to being obese. Over the past few years, involvement of technology in our lives has been changed to rather dependency. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that we all are slaves to the modern gadgets and tech. Where all this technology has helped us a great deal, it has adversely impacted our health. Junk food, long hours of sitting, zero physical exercise, and excessive alcohol intake has become the part of our everyday life. All this has eventually led to being overweight and the problems that follow it.

If you have gained, extra pounds over the years and now looking to change yourself for good? Let us introduce you to Shapeology BellyBalloonaz, right and successful way to get back in shape. This is a FDA approved, non surgical procedure; in which two joined saline filled gastric balloons are temporarily placed inside your stomach, for six months, in an outpatient setting. These balloons occupy the room inside your belly and make you feel less hungry. Our team of highly professional and trained consultants counsels you in every step and helps you adopt healthy eating habits. They are further taken out in six month’s duration, in same endoscopic method, leaving you with fit and healthy body and right eating and life style habits.

Carmelia lost 35 pounds with Shapeology BellyBalloonaz

This procedure has shown great results and is highly recommended by the existing users. As per the research, people have lost from 36-70 pounds from this process over the span of six months. And are happy with the healthy lifestyle they have adopted. So, don’t ignore the danger signs appearing due to the increased weight, and take the right step towards healthy life.