Diet starts Monday! How many times have you said this? Pushing back our healthy eating habits and fitness-focused goals are easy to do when we live in a world of instant gratification. Six pack abs and drastic weight loss do not happen over night, and in most cases, not even in a few months. Understanding that weight loss and wellness is a complete lifestyle overhaul, rather than a diet is the first step in becoming successful.

The age-old solution for weight loss is simple; diet and exercise. Yet, even in the simplest terms, we fall victim to promises and theories that are not successful. Following a diet and exercise plan will take daily dedication and understanding of what you are putting into your body. For those with high-pressure jobs, big families and demands coming at them from all angles, taking on a diet and exercise regime can be difficult.

Diet ads are everywhere. Traditional media, social media, bus stops, magazine racks, and commercials are consumed with get-slim-quick promises…full of fluff, and little results. They draw us in, lured with photos and simple ingredients, and the majorities fail at following through or seeing effective results.

When you research how many diets fail on an average, it becomes no surprise that we spend so much money and take such risks with weight loss supplements and pills. When traditional diet and exercise fails us, we turn to quick fixes in the form of supplements and pills that aren’t all they are chalked up to be. Consuming products without consulting your doctor, or worse yet, products that are not approved by the FDA are incredibly risky to your health and wellbeing. Weight loss pills and supplements cause an array of side effects that have zero benefits to your health or wellbeing. Dizziness, dry mouth, insomnia, excessive heart rate and increased blood pressure are all risks associated with weight loss supplements and pills.

Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedures that Work

Non-surgical weight loss procedures are gaining popularity because of their effectiveness and ability to become a lifestyle change rather than a two-week fad. Consulting with a doctor on about non-surgical weight loss procedures gives you a team of medical professionals to help you work toward your goals and lead you along the way.

Developing a healthy lifestyle through systems that work for you is going to be the most successful way to reach your weight loss goals. Weight loss techniques that are effective are filled with a moderate amount of exercise and healthy eating that can be regulated and monitored by a support system here at Shapeology.