Ready to take your health to the next level, but not exactly sure about a surgical procedure? An alternative with less risk, no scarring, and minimal pain is becoming the newest way to kick-start your healthy lifestyle. Non-surgical weight loss is creating avenues that allow major changes to your body without major surgery.

Non-surgical weight loss comes in a variety of techniques and options. At Shapeology, our goal is to increase your awareness on what’s out there and offer an understanding of these new procedures.

Types of Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedures

Aspire Assist is an FDA-approved weight loss procedure that is completed under twilight anesthesia with the ability to be reversed. The real life stories from clients who have used Aspire Assist are inspiring. With a weight loss of up to 140 pounds in some cases, Aspire Assist is a game changer that will put you in the right direction for a healthy lifestyle.

Obalon is the first and only swallowable, FDA-approved balloon system for weight loss. An affordable, simple and quick procedure could be the key to your weight loss journey. With Obalon, diet, and exercise, patients are losing twice as much as patients that adhere to regular diet and exercise. Balloon placement in under ten minutes and a system backed by medical professionals is what appeals patients to Obalon.

With over 220,000 gastric balloons distributed worldwide, it is no surprise that Orbera is the global leading weight loss balloon. This reversible procedure is typically done in twenty minutes with a short recovery time. The grapefruit-sized balloon of the Orbera procedure is placed to allow your body to adapt to healthier portion sizes. The balloon is inserted deflated, and temporarily in your stomach for six months, during which you will learn to change your lifestyle.

Patients have favored endoscopic treatments for years due to their short recovery time and less invasive procedures. The Overstitch Endoscopic Suturing System allows physicians to provide weight loss surgeries that are drastically less invasive. A new technique that can replace traditional suturing in gastric bypass procedures, this option is paving the way to non-surgical weight loss becoming successful.

Deciding on a weight loss non-surgical procedure is a personal decision that should resonate with your willingness to become an active member in this journey. Having a support system and a team around you is essential to providing you with the backbones necessary to be successful. At Shapeology Non-Surgical Weight Loss Center, we thrive off of our success stories and want to add you to that list. A consultation today could be what starts your new life tomorrow. Non-surgical weight loss of any kind are our specialty, and with our knowledge and team, we can help you make the decision that will create your new lifestyle.